"Intensive in-home service" means family preservation interventions for children and adolescents who have or are at-risk of serious emotional disturbance, including such individuals who also have a diagnosis of mental retardation.  Services are usually time limited provided typically in the residence of an individual who is at risk of being moved to out-of-home placement or who is being transitioned back home from an out-of-home placement.

The primary goal of GYG which is a gender specific agency shall always be to provide options for safe, nurturing, family-centered treatment family interventions, with a therapeutic focus for children and adolescents who would be at risk for long-term placement. GYG shall always strive to represent the family’s wishes, the client’s goals and maximize all aspects of our home-based services while attempting to preserve the family unit by providing our clients and their family members with the knowledge skills and abilities to prevent out of home placement. Under the supervision of the Program Manager and Clinical Staff, In – Home Counselors will provide an array of services including but not limited to:

1.         Case management services with the identified client/family;
2.         Serve as a liaison with community agencies;
3.         Participate in the development and implementation of the individualized treatment plans;
4.         Provide individual and family counseling;
5.         Anger Management Counseling & Groups;
6.         Substance Abuse Counseling;
7.         Communication Skills for Appropriate Problem Solving;
8.         Gen – O – Gram;
9.         Positive peer groups;
10.       Provide 24 - 7 availability for crisis intervention and crisis treatment;
11.       Life and social skills building;
12.       School and educational support;
13.       Parenting support and family communication skills; 
14.       Coordination with other services and appointment planning;
15.       Transportation;
16.       Transitional services; and
17.       Emergency response. 

The GYG intensive in-home program shall make every effort to be responsible for addressing the clinical needs of the client and their family. GYG will only hire clinical staff that has the appropriate and required education, skills, training, and supervision to accomplish this responsibility. GYG understands that providing limited services to the child and family that does not address all of their clinical needs is not acceptable which will never be the aim of our agency.

When therapy is required to address the client’s clinical issues, GYG’s intensive in-home division shall either provide the necessary therapy or arrange for an outside qualified therapist to provide said service. If the needed client/family services are outside the scope of intensive in-home services, such as services for a parent who is seriously mentally ill, GYG will in all cases make the appropriate referral. However, please note GYG understands the importance of having a licensed credential staff appropriately qualified to meet all the clinical needs of our clients and their families.  All outpatient and in-home therapy will be provided by a LMHP or License Eligible (as defined by Registration of Supervision with the appropriate Licensing Board) Provider.

GYG understands that our intensive in-home program is not expected to directly provide psychiatric evaluation and medication; however we shall as an agency ensure the responsibility for facilitating a referral if the child’s clinical needs require psychiatric evaluation and treatment. All GYG services will be in accordance with agency policies and procedures as well as state licensure and Medicaid requirements.  All clients/families may utilize any and all program services available, as therapeutically appropriate.


GYG provides gender specific programs for young girl and gentlement. For more information on gender specific services please see the following:

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