Guiding Young Girls (GYG) was established in February 2011 in order to offer gender specific "females only" services that were client centered yet family focused. Our agency offers realistic alternatives to inappropriate behaviors caused by psychological and environmental factors. We utilize a holistic empowerment approach to our ecological method of treatment. Our goal is to assist our clients and their families with maximizing their internal resources to achieve positive outcomes.

Starting in September 2011 our agency was approved to work with the male siblings of our initial referred female clients thus the creation of “Guiding Young Gentlemen.” GYG became a Mental Health Support provider in December 2011 thus now being licensed to work with adults having difficulty living independently in society.

GYG also can provide Out Patient services and has been approved by various insurances.  Additional GYG outpatient services include comprehensive psychological evaluations and clinical services to children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. A variety of services are provided by licensed clinicians that enhance an individual’s psychological, emotional, social and physical well-being. As a practice we are dedicated to effective treatment for our clients and impacting the overall health of the community.  Our services include individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, substance abuse services, psychological evaluations, trauma assessments and parenting capacity evaluations.

GYG Licensed Clinicians (LMHP's) supervise a staff of well trained counselors and clinicians (QMHP's). Our staff works in concert with clients & their families to find positives in the most difficult situations as a modality to encourage appropriate behavior, emotional stability, re-entry back into the community thru sound therapeutic and clinical interventions. All GYG programs and services shall be strength-based, solutions-focused, person centered, individualized to child/client and family, with a clinical implementation from with a holistic approach, yet flexible in order to address specific needs, provide clients with opportunities for success, and quality assurance.


GYG believes that every child/client and their family deserves the right remain intact. It is also our belief that every family has the right when receiving services to be treated with dignity and respect. Therefore, as an agency we are dedicated to providing a service that is person centered, individualized, therapeutically appropriate with the highest levels of accountability and quality, which shall be offered to all clients and families without exception. GYG shall also be dedicated to teaching individuals and families the needed skills to assist as well as ensure individual growth, family preservation and when needed assist in the reunification of children and families.